Location : Helsinki, Finland

Area : 12,500m2

The Guggenheim Helsinki Cube, a monumental and evanescent mirror-sculpture containing interior and exterior observation decks, and appearing as a luminous canvas of lighting at night, creates a new international presence on the city’s skyline and anchors The Museum in Etelasatama

Inside this energy-conserving Museum, the Guggenheim’s spacious exhibition/program spaces draw visitors through a sky-lit Entrance Hall, through a grid-forest of Finnish timber columns and along scenic indoor promenades to a to a Galleria-Atrium with sea-view dining.
Tahititomen vuori Park flows over Laivasillankatu and north down to Cube, the spatial volume of which defines a new urban people-square and sculpture court. The Park also continues onto the roof of the Museum past sculptures/energy-savers : the Wind Tree and the Sun-Dancers, to a summer fountain-Pond / winter skating-rink with views through Cube to the historic buildings of South Harbour.

Guggenheim Helsinki : a new Nordic landmark for Art, People and the Environment.