Location : Guang’An, Sichuan PRC

Constructed Area : 55,000 m2

Concept Development Stage

This centrepiece of a large scale mixed-use development near the City of Chengdu comprises a hotel, conference centre, professional offices and a shopping mall located on a corner site with expansive views up and down Yangzi River. In generating a dramatic sloped hotel atrium the building leans dynamically towards the river, creating a unique and immediately recognisable urban profile. A south-facing skin of sunshades that alternatively reveal imagery of the classical Chinese duo of Dragon and Phoenix curves down to protect the hotel and office entrance. Flanking the main building, the multi-level shopping atrium is shaded by a screen of movable metal tiles that make visible the movement of the wind and a sunken tree-courtyard at the street corner provides a sheltered entry to the conference facilities below.